Illusion - Easy Golf

Easy Golf

This model is easy to install and to maintain, and is ideal to transform a small space into a cozy and colorful park. It’s design is simple and lively with fun obstacles that catch the older and younger people. This model is for small areas and reduced investment!

Smart Golf

Smart Golf

These minigolf lanes have the most creative designs, such as the friendly “smile” and passionate “love”, that grant great moments among family and friends. It’s fun obstacles are amazing and encourage to outdoor sports and relaxing moments. This model is attractive, emotional and fits everyone!

Loopy - Maxi Golf

Maxi Golf

It is a leisure equipment, challenging and exciting, when you overcome and conquer the proposed challenges. Ideal to profit and boost an existing space with an healthy activity of pleasure and welfare. A very versatile, adjustable and customizable model.

Pyramids - Challenge Golf

Challenge Golf

Very popular in Europe, in these circuits, you can have funny moments of leisure and also organise local, national or international competitions. Weatherproof and elegant, this lanes has a long useful life period, always keeping a modern appearance. This model is homologated for competition.

Profy Golf

Profy Golf

Coming from the Nordic countries, this model is differentiator and ensures great prestige in any project. This larger model, has several challenges for each lane and is ideal to test all the players’ expertise. This model is homologated for competition.