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Adventure Minigolf

In one of the main tourist areas of the Algarve, is for sale an area of Adventure Minigolf with huge potential.

Challenge Golf

Weatherproof and elegant, this lanes has a long useful life period, always keeping a modern appearance.

Profy Golf

This larger model, has several challenges for each lane and is ideal to test all the players’ expertise.

Easy Golf Pack 6

Easy to install and to maintain, is ideal to transform a small space into a cozy and colorful park.

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Here you will find information about courses and equipments for minigolf. A leisure activity for all family and a sport for all ages, minigolf can be the best of your life. Minigolf courses are ideal to install in leisure areas like parks, gardens, hotels, shopping centers and campings. Whether in big spaces or smaller areas, minigolf courses can easily adapt to any ground demanding a minimum intervention without causing any negative impact in the area where they are settled. Minigolf is a very fun activity that does not require any particular technical ability or special motor skills from the player. Perfect for children, young, adults and elder persons, minigolf offers the possibility to enjoy leisure, fun and competition in one single space. As a leisure activity or for more ambitious proposes like competition, Minigolf is the right activity for the entire family.

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